Cholera Outbreak in Guinea Worsens

Since 1970, Guinea has been suffering from yearly outbreaks of cholera, a debilitating and too-often lethal gastro-intestinal disease common in developing countries. Each year sees a spike in the number of cholera cases during the rainy season (April through November) when continual rains and flooding make sanitation efforts even more difficult than usual.

Cholera Outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone Worsens by NewsLook
This year, much to the consternation of health authorities throughout West Africa, an epidemic broke out much earlier than expected, in February, well before the rainy season started. With the help of a number of international and local agencies, the government of Guinea immediately set out to coordinate efforts to contain the spread of the disease by mobilizing case workers to distribute chlorine tablets to sanitize water and setting up camps to treat the affected population. AFG stepped in and, thanks to the generosity of Hyperdynamics Co., was able to provide 17,000 chlorine tablets for distribution. The situation seemed to be under control and authorities breathed a sigh of relief.

This respite was short lived, however, as mid-May brought with it a new surge of reported cases that sharply rose throughout the month and continued rising during the summer. As of August 23, the Guinean Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene reports, there has been a total of 4,519 cases and 100 deaths. The district of Forécariah, where this endemic originated, has been the hardest hit and shows a 9% mortality rate. Hyperdynamics has once again pledged their help and their donation will allow us to begin supporting the prevention and rehabilitation activities. Our Guinean friends need all the help they can get to stop this painful malady from taking even more lives. Consider that less than a $1 is needed to purchase a chlorine bottle that can help provide clean water for two to three people. Please help us make a difference and defy the projections that foresee at least another 100 victims by the end of this year.

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