Ebola: Together, we can beat it

Ebola - Together we can beat itThe recent cases of Ebola in the United States have shown us all how scary the disease, or even the threat of it, can be. This is a reality that the people of Guinea have been living with daily since March of this year, when the first cases were reported in Macenta. To date, there have been nearly two thousand cases reported and almost a thousand deaths. And this is just the official numbers. It’s impossible to tell how many people in outlying villages are suffering and dying. The government of Guinea has set up quarantine areas for patients, but they quickly overflowed and simply couldn’t let new patients in. The lack of medical supplies and even the most basic protection gear, such as latex gloves, is causing higher contagion rates and many medical workers have become patients themselves, further complicating the situation.

In partnership with our friends from Medical Bridges, AFG would like to provide the medical personnel of Guinea with protective and sanitation supplies, so we can stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus. But, for this, we need your help. Please consider donating to our Disease Treatment and Prevention initiative. All donations will be used to purchase and ship life-saving medical equipment to our friends in Guinea. Every little bit helps. At AFG we truly believe that, together, we can keep beat the Ebola virus once and for all.

Act now to help us fight ebola!

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  • AFG needs your help! We depend on contributions from foundations, companies and individuals to continue our work in Guinea.

    Our primary goal is to assist hospitals and health centers in Guinea who care for the welfare of the Guinean population. We do this by providing medical aid, improving and upgrading existing infrastructure in health facilities and implementing disease prevention and treatment programs.

    We also aim to improve the overall quality of life of the population by supporting and promoting economic growth and technical development.

    You can make a difference!