AFG, in partnership with the Ministry of Health's Departments of Disease Prevention, Statistics and Pharmacy and Labs, the National Reference Laboratory and Gamal Abdel University, is bringing the first mobile laboratory to Guinea.


This exciting venture, the first of its kind in Guinea, will make it possible to diagnose diseases, prevent epidemics and conduct essential research that will provide invaluable information to health authorities both locally and worldwide. Partnering with the French-based NGO Agence de Medicine Preventive (AMP), AFG has obtained a fully functioning laboratory, capable of performing bacteriological analysis, mounted on a 4×4 Toyota truck, making it capable of accessing the most remote areas of the country.

The mobile laboratory is an all-terrain vehicle outfitted with laboratory equipment (laminar flow hood, centrifuge, refrigerator, fluorescent microscope). It has its own energy and water sources. A supplementary tool for reference laboratories, the LaboMobil© provides critical support to microbiological surveillance of potentially epidemic diseases such as cholera and acute bacterial meningitis. Due to its mobility, it allows rapid and reliable identification of the etiology of diarrheal and meningitis epidemics. It goes directly to suspected households, including those located in remote districts, to perform immediate, on-site microbiological diagnosis, thus reducing the delay in the implementation of appropriate, effective, and rapid outbreak responses (vaccination campaigns, preventive measures, adequate patient treatment, etc.)

The Labomobil© is specifically built to withstand the hardships of African roads and climate and will perform a myriad of public health functions, such as training, surveillance, crisis response, diagnoses, outreach and quality control. AMP has implemented similar initiatives in other African countries and will lend its expertise to the project. This is a huge step towards improving the quality of healthcare in all of Guinea.

We have put together a committee of enthusiastic and committed individuals representing different private and public entities and they will work together to make sure the project is successful. The group includes representative from:

  • The National Reference Lab
  • The Ministry of Health (MOH) Department of Disease Treatment and Prevention
  • MOH Department of Statistics
  • MOH Department of Pharmacy and Labs
  • Gamal Abdel University

Labomobil© arrives in Guinea

The Labomobil© is in Guinea and has already gone into various areas of the country to perform disease identification.

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  • We thank AFG for its support and hope to continue working with them to help women suffering from obstetric fistula. — Moustapha Diallo, Engender Health Program Director

  • AFG needs your help! We depend on contributions from foundations, companies and individuals to continue our work in Guinea.

    Our primary goal is to assist hospitals and health centers in Guinea who care for the welfare of the Guinean population. We do this by providing medical aid, improving and upgrading existing infrastructure in health facilities and implementing disease prevention and treatment programs.

    We also aim to improve the overall quality of life of the population by supporting and promoting economic growth and technical development.

    You can make a difference!