In addition to striving to improve the health of the Guinean population, AFG wants to assure the continuing success of its programs by providing the tools necessary for local professionals to maintain ongoing projects independently and successfully

Local Capacity Building

To this end, we have begun initiatives aimed at:

  • Training local health professionals
  • Providing logistical support to local organizations
  • Distributing information and supporting community education

All of our projects strive to lay the groundwork for ongoing success led by local individuals and organizations. As part of our Hydrocephalus Project, AFG has formed a partnership with the Association of Guinean Mothers of Children with Hydrocephalus (AMEHG). We provide logistical support for the organization’s management, as well as funding and supervising infrastructure improvement at their headquarters. The project comprises training neurosurgeons, physical therapists and social workers.

In addition, part of our Labomobil© project is aimed at distributing information regarding disease prevention, sanitation and other health concerns. Since the vehicle will be visiting remote areas of the country, it provides a perfect opportunity to educate outlying communities, which is a big component in the prevention of epidemics.


  • I am a guinean medical doctor currrently enrolled in a year long fellowship at Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta. I just discovered your home page and read about Dr Souare training in Uganda. I known Dr Souare, and I highly appreciated this kind of training program. Thanks to AFG. — Dr. Soumaoro

  • AFG needs your help! We depend on contributions from foundations, companies and individuals to continue our work in Guinea.

    Our primary goal is to assist hospitals and health centers in Guinea who care for the welfare of the Guinean population. We do this by providing medical aid, improving and upgrading existing infrastructure in health facilities and implementing disease prevention and treatment programs.

    We also aim to improve the overall quality of life of the population by supporting and promoting economic growth and technical development.

    You can make a difference!